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Man plans, the gods laugh.

As you can see, in week 1, the plan to jump right back into things started ramping up after my last post.
Week 1:
Reading: 95 min of 180 mins (Finding time to read has always been a challenge.)
Free Writing: 45 mins of expo drafts for the project.
Drafting: 6 hours of drafting for the project.

Then. . . the ultrasound was so quiet. I didn’t expect the loss to affect me as it did. It’s odd considering how early it occurred. It hurt in a way that was new; brutal, sterile, final.

We weren’t planning on it. I’m old – or at least I feel it – and it would’ve been difficult, but it was not unwanted. It would’ve been good. The idea had formed and settled into our lives. Plans were being formed. And then it was no more. A numbness. A punch from circumstances we have no control over —the “complications of biology”. Mrs. Malcolm has physically recovered after several unpleasant days and nights.

A few days after this new reality was fresh in our thoughts, my little girl got hurt. Went to the ER and I’ve been a wreck ever since. Fortunately it was just a fracture and not a full break, but three weeks of full cast, and then three weeks of a removable splint.

My focus for anything else has evaporated.

Gonna be a while before I can get back on the path. Gonna sit down and watch the kids play for a while, talk with Mrs. Malcolm, and rest.

Time. We all just need a little bit of time.


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