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Quick Guide to sign in and download your files.

Here Opens in new tab is the Amazon page explaining how to email files to your Kindle.

Do I need to create an account to order from the site?
An account is automatically created for you during the checkout process.

After an order is placed you will be presented with an “Order received” page. This has the download links to the files you ordered and you can immediately download the files from this page.

An email will be sent with a reset password link. Follow this link to finish setting up your account for future use.

Your account has a record of all your order details including download links to retrieve your files at any time in a single location. If you ever lose the “completed order” email after a purchase this will save you time.

Additionally, an account also lets you provide “verified owner” reviews. Your review (good or critically constructive) will carry more weight with a “verified owner” status than a review left anonymously.

What if I purchased your story from another website but would like to leave a review on your site?
Currently anonymous reviews are allowed. But if you would like to provide a “verified owner” review, send an email using our contact page and an account will be created for you. Please include your name, the website you bought the story, and email used to purchase the story from that site. An account will be created for you on this site. Your account will also have a direct link to download the story in the future from this site. Thank you.

What is an epub file?
The epub file format is a general purpose e-reader format. It maintains high standards for compatibility and design/layout options that can be used across many devices. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites dedicated to the formatting and creation of epub files. If you are so inclined you can search for them. The official epub community group website can be found on W3.org.Opens in new tab

How do I read an epub file? (Direct or Email)
Smashwords.com has a very robust documentOpens in new tab about this. The short answer is you need software for your computer. I use CalibreOpens in new tab, which is free, although I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a donation from time to time.

Once you have the software installed on your machine, you “ADD” the epub file to your software’s library. Then connect your portable e-reader device (including Kindles) to your computer with a usb cable. Once the device has been recognized by the software you can “Send” the book to the device. Sometimes it will ask for a conversion (which Kindle would require since Kindles only read mobi/azw formats) but if not the file is sent to the device.

When completed, unplug your device from the computer. Open your e-reader device and the book should appear for you to enjoy.

EMAILING – Some companies have a method to email a book to the device. You’ll have to find out if that is available for your particular platform. Purchasing an epub from my website and utilizing that platform’s email feature (for example AmazonOpens in new tab) often automatically converts the file before sending to your device, negating the need to buy directly from them.

Why aren’t Amazon formats available on your site?
The tribulations of technology are forever changing and often fickle. I spent weeks working out the best methods to create mobi/azw files and in the end, they just never looked right. And since I can’t sell Amazon formats on my website and be in the KDP program, in the end, I opted for “exposure” on Amazon. Besides, the iron fist of control that would be required, by me, to beat mobi/azw formats into shape, as well as keep up whenever that format changed was just not worth my time or effort. I have writing to do after all. I hope readers understand.

Although emailing epub files purchased on my site to your Kindle device could be an option.

Is it safe to purchase through your website?
I am using an industry standard software platform (WooCommerce) to manage the e-commerce solution on my site. The traffic between yourself and my site is secured using a digital certificate (https://) . Unless your computer is hacked, there should be no way a bad person can get your information when purchasing through my website.

Finally, this site retains no credit card data in its databases. Only a record of the sale.