Download Files

When you purchase a story through my site, an email containing the download links will automatically be sent to the email you provided during check out. Email subject: “Your order is now complete.”

At the same time, an account is automatically created for you when you first purchase a story on this site. An email will be sent with “Reset Password” instructions. (Didn’t receive an email? Check your spam filter and be sure to unblock/whitelist any emails from Email subject: “Your account has been created!”

If in the future you need to download the files you can click the email link again. But if that doesn’t work you’ll need to follow this short guide to retrieve your files.

In order to download the files you’ve purchased through my site you need to log into the website.


In the upper right hand corner of the website is the “Account” link.

Account Link screenshot

Sign in using your username and password.


Once you have signed into your account. You will be presented with a menu of items related to your account. Select “Downloads” from the list.

Account Details screenshot

In the downloads section you’ll see all your available downloads. In the below image there is a single title available for download: The New Unknown – Malcolm Sterling.

Clicking the title under the column “Download”, on the far right side, will save this file to your computer (or phone).


Once the file has been downloaded you can open it in the eReader of your choice. I use CalibreOpens in new tab on my desktop computer and the default eReader available through my phone.

You can also email the file to your Amazon Kindle device and it should automatically convert as needed to deliver to your device. It has worked for me in the past and the files looked very close to my epub formatting, but I can offer no guarantees Amazon will continue this practice.