The Author

I write concept stories about social and technological upheaval, revelation, and adventure and how people live—or simply survive—in those worlds.

Often, what begins as a seed of an idea grows into wild adventures, fantastical environments, and ambivalent characters. The characters in my worlds struggle against themselves, their ideals, and their enemies, both outside and within. I write to explore those roads and see where they lead.

Sometimes my stories have a destination in mind, and sometimes the journey is a wonderful surprise. I write to pull lives and experiences from our world and hold them up to a reflection of imagination. Maybe my work will help people see themselves and the world differently, or at the very least they will be entertained?

My influences are primarily authors in the science fiction and fantasy genres, with a smidge of horror: Asimov, Bester, Bradbury, Clarke, Card, Bear, Le Guin, PKD, Heinlein, Chalker, Anderson, Niven/Pournelle, Piers Anthony, McCaffrey, Rawn, and Weis/Hickman to name a few. Though, let it not be said my tastes are static and without curiosity.

I have many stories to write and not a lot of time to write them. As with many of us, life, family, and ‘the job’ consume my attention. When my kids are older, I hope they will read these stories and learn a bit more about me, or maybe a bit about themselves and the world they eventually live.

Not everything I write will speak to them, or even you, but that’s okay. A diet only of sweets leads to rotten teeth.

Be well and thank you for reading.

Malcolm Sterling