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Ah. Now I remember…

… why I stopped writing and reading. Work. It was Work. Or more accurately my prioritization of money and career over everything else. A decision I made a long time ago, when I was afraid and hungry and vowed never to be hungry or afraid again. In many ways it worked. In other ways it simply transferred the weight into the future. Do we ever know what we truly give up when we have nothing, to pursue something, anything, for stability?

This is a difficult condition to steer out of once taken and while this path has afforded numerous opportunities—as my dad said to me, “Money is opportunity.”—it comes with baggage and its own obligations.

“You can do anything you want, you simply must accept the consequences.” – a college professor from my youth. Still not sure if this was inspiring or crippling?

And so the last two weeks of March was a complete bust. I basically treaded water while Work consumed all my time. No reading, no writing. I squeezed out scribbles in a notebook on the Project at lunch, and cloistered in my room late Saturday night after the family was asleep, but other than that, nada.

This will be a short post. A new month is dawning. Work has abated.

Close my eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Eyes open.

Begin again.


March 2023 Summary. “March? March? We don’t need no stinking March.”

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